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Policies and Procedures


1.    General


1.1.  Lac La Biche Skating Club is a Skate Canada member and adheres to Skate Canada Policy and Procedure in its operations

1.2. Parents/guardians must remain at the rink during their child’s lesson. Parents/guardians can observe from the gallery seating of the facility, however they cannot observe

       from the players box.

1.3. Only registered members are allowed on the ice surface. Registered members can participate in on ice activities during their registered skate time or to complete Program Assistant duties.       Parent/Guardians, family members or any other audiences are prohibited from being on the ice surface, unless participating in Bring a Buddy Skate or Family Skate.

1.4. In the event of an emergency within the facility all individuals must adhere to facility protocol based on current physical location within the facility.


2.    Registration & Payment


2.1. Full payment is required upon registration.
2.2. Cheques made payable to Lac La Biche Skating Club. $25 charge for NSF Cheques.
2.3. A $50.00 Annual Skate Canada Membership and Club Administration fee is charged for each skating participant each skating year (September 1-August 31)
2.4. Lac La Biche Skating Club reserves the right to change/cancel schedule programming based on enrolment.
2.5. Late registrants will only be accepted up to two weeks after the session start date.
2.6. Late registrants must pay session cost and participate in fundraising initiatives and fees at full value.
2.7. No refunds will be given after the first day of skating, unless for medical reasons (see 3.2)


3.    Refunds, Withdrawals, Cancellations 


3.1. $50 dollars of the registration is non refundable. Registration fees will be refunded only for medical reasons accompanied by a doctors’ certificate. The skater must have missed a minimum of 5 consecutive registered skate days. Refund value will be evaluated on a case by case basis

3.2. Withdrawal of first time skaters within the Pre-CanSkate/WeeSkate are eligible for a refund, less $50.00 of the registration which is non refundable, if the request is received in writing two weeks of the program start date
3.3. Throughout the skating session unexpected ice cancellations may occur. There will be no refunds for the change in ice schedule. Such cancellations may occur due to poor weather, community emergency, medical or family related absence of coaching staff, and/or other circumstances.


3.4. In the event of a program cancellation prior to skate start date, full reimbursement will be made. In the event of a program cancellation once the session has begun, refunds will be prorated and processed between 15-30 days, less $50 dollars of the non refundable registration fee.

3.5. Missed classes cannot be reimbursed or made up by taking another class. 
3.6. Any refunds will be processed between 15-30 days.
3.7. All skaters must respect the Helmet Use Policy outlined by Skate Canada.


4.    Equipment


4.1. All skaters within CanSkate programs including and up to Stage 5 must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet, regardless of age.

4.2. All skaters within PreCanSkate or WeeSkate programs must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet and full face mask regardless of age.

4.3. CanPower Skate Pre-Power participants, regardless of achieved skating ability and age must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet, full face mask, and neck guard.

4.4 CanPower Skate 1-6 participants, regardless of achieved skating ability and age must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet, full face mask, and full hockey equipment.

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